Farcical Elements

I am indubitably going back to school, spring 2017 will inevitably be slumped on my tiny little back and I will do. Going back for more, crazy about being crazy, and loving every minute that I fan that fiery flame that shines so bright. Looking for a husband? How about looking for myself? I want charisma beyond this life, gentility that exceeds your typical Proverbs 31 wife, I want a heart bigger than the state of Texas, California, and Alaska combined. And to claim this heart of auspicious nature, I am to seek the Lord and nothing else. To know Christ is to acknowledge the rotundity in His voice like full roaring thunder.

I’m growing super fast right? My tastes are like all over the place. Fashion, literature, music, all that crap, I’m like changing or adding on what I like every single freaking second. These days I like a fitted bodice with a long flowing skirt and my hair braided. Liberty too, it’s like my scaffold, temporarily holding me up while I learn these things because it’s easier then to continue falling & slipping because to put it simply I just don’t know how.


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