To My Love

Being in love is believing you need someone to live (by definition of the first thing that popped up on the internet). By all means this is so freaking true. Take Jesus Christ for instance, I am so in love with HIM, I truly believe I need Him in my life to live and I would die for Christ like seriously. But then there’s worldly love.

I miss being in love, believing that Marc would be my forever. What’s worse is that he can be, I just chose not to have him. I think about my love every day of my freaking life, where ever the freaking heck you are. I miss feeling that way with you. I miss you and you aren’t even in my life yet. I’m searching for you though, well, more like waiting. I’m doing my best to sit here and just let my soul get fine polished by the Lord, so when I do find you…

I’ll be the most gentle & kind person you’ve ever fallen for. I’ll get there, gentility & decorum, slow to anger, loving nature, considerate motherly eyes, I’ll get there. My job is to love the Lord with all my heart and soul and your job is to come find me. I wonder what you feel like, I’ll melt when you kiss my nose. I promise to love you like Christ loves His church and we’ll be together forever until we finally part to live our new lives with our Savior. I wonder what color your eyes are, I hope they’re blue, so I can get lost in them like the great ocean except I love you deeper than any ocean on this Earth.


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