For the Better

Moving on his difficult. I think a big theme this week for me was learning to let go. Not just learning to let go but accepting and being okay with the fact that I can’t upkeep all the love I’ve ever given out. Saying goodbye never has to actually happen but saying I won’t say hello everyday does have to happen.

There are so many friendships that I cry over, yes almost every night because I’m an emotional baby, but once again my Almighty God has used Grey’s Anatomy to show me something I’ve been missing. That old highschool friend reminding me every time she post something on Instagram just how much life sucks in that old Los Angeles suburb where everyone seeks worldly fulfillment is let go. That ex who reminds me everytime I see him with his friends that their are millions of kids who will never give their life to Christ before the age of 20 because they’re too caught up in who they’re going to bang next or when will their next rager be, cut out. That foreign bestfriend who taught you not to forget that God’s judgement is real and it’s coming, moved on.

I loved the people in my life and I love my God even more for showing me things day by day. God you are good and as I let people go and move to the next place and meet the next group of people YOU will always be constant and YOU will always be there.


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