I love the man who walks unassumingly and loves the Lord blindly. With the summit of my love being Christ, he too will find me right with Him. This one will follow the Lord without a jerk of the limb or a blink of the eye- this is the man I love.


Move In Day

Here I am once again. At the end of myself. But sure enough, on a new doorstep.

This house is huge with a polished wooden door, and forest green shutters. The windows are whale watchers for sure. Here’s the tricky part, getting in. I knock and knock and knock and knock, no answer. It’s always a hazy transition between houses, I’m always moving. The second I finally get let in and get situated- something happens. I cry myself to sleep and wake up on some other porch.

This house is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen, I think the key to getting in is investing in myself. If i listen close enough I can hear the house breathe- she’s so alive and attentive to my movements. Also, accepting that each stage of life is transient really helps me go to sleep at night!