Leather Watch

My love that they killed, I cry for the pain you felt for me. My King that they have slain, I ache for the hours you hung on that cross for me. My savior that they saw surmount death, I laugh for that grave you made empty. My Jesus who is Lord, I drop to my knees because of your ageless love. I rejoice for this warmth I am graced to feel, for this ignited flame that has galvanized my life. I am weary and constantly run down by the tricks of this world but am replenished because of Jesus. When it’s too much and I’m engulfed by my own emotions I hear: “Keep walking child, You will Be Home“. The further you seek Jesus, the deeper the water gets and one can only continue with an uninterrupted focus on Christ. He lets these tears leak from my eyes but He never lets them fall to the ground. He sees me dancing with the darkness but still hunts it down with majestic stride- freeing me over and over. My King with courage outshining the sun and stars, who mocked death in it’s face, I’d follow you till I couldn’t walk anymore. Bring the Kingdom and let it reign love because He lives.


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