An Abridged Arrow

to gain substance above all else, but how?

to capture an audience from then until now…

meanwhile I keep myself entertained by my own unraveling,

I’m supposed to find a groove yet my mind keeps traveling.

Do you hear the white noise? Can you distinguish it from the substance?

Do you see the clarity amongst a blurry afternoon…

Sorry, too soon.

walking further from a familiar place I feel more, well, me.

I know it sounds strange but to walk unassumingly is free.

There are no rules except one,

never be plane- always be fun.

to capture an audience, to strike straight from the heart,

is to openly tear yourself apart.

I don’t think we can really achieve any character but our own.

Successfully, at least.

Bang the piano! Scoff at the cat!

Enter the room! Throw on a hat!

Accept that the audience might not find you endearing,

but strive to be graceful, kind, and God-fearing.

Don’t worry much about the how or the then or the now…

but the substance, worry about the substance.

Ask yourself what kind entity you’d like to harvest…

So , what will it be? Poison or elixir?






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