Saree Patterned Carpet

I was sitting in the back of the room, amused and hiding under the brim of everyone’s noes typing up a journal entry. I was typing away loudly but no one would bat an eye my way. I was swimming in my thoughts when I heard laughter, I looked up and the drunk lovelies were dying at some joke. I liked it this way. Being outside of the circle but close enough to enjoy the warm heat waves. I had grown used to this crevice in the shape, enjoying the ropes by myself, content with sitting in my own thoughts. I had accepted that the next few years of my life would be a season of loneliness on this Earth. My only close companion would be the Lord and my few family members. At this point in my life, I was only earnestly close to my grandmother and six friends I had made in college. Right as I was remembering this thought, he looked up at me. Even with his removed mind, he saw me. I winked at him and he went back to the debauchery in the room.


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