Did I Know?

Surrounded by friends, family, and strangers. You have your headphones in and the music is just past the middle that no one can hear what you’re listening to. They pass you and smile, maybe a wave, maybe a wink, but not a clue to what you could possibly be listening to. Naturally, they don’t mind but when they do think about it, the possibility of whatever I’m listening to changing their world is unlikely, so they conclude (not aloud but in their heads) that it can’t be that impressive. Sure- I’m an interesting enough person that people will gladly advocate for my “good character” “rational mind” “warm intentions” but will I amount to anything- I couldn’t possibly be the one. They don’t know what music is playing in my ears though, they don’t know. I’ll create something that will be in their ears without me having to show them, I’ll design above all the expectations. Make it to me please, distant platform.

You know sometimes I think about all the crazy influential things I could create and I think about the impact it would make and how damaging it would be for evil. There, that’s when I’m convinced that the enemy will do whatever they can to prevent my ideas to exit this body. I make a promise to God and to myself that I will fight to share this internal joy, I’ll sacrifice things: a partner, a buttload of money, a life of free-will, fun friends. I see it now, the point of this journal entry. The spirit redirecting my heart, I know this now.


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