Check Lake Bottom

Locked in a Box was young Mary Ann

Small spaces and rape, she was never a fan

but it happened,it did, over and done

Poor Mary Ann, she had no fun.

Left in the darkness, she thought to herself

I want my dollies I left on the shelf.

No one could save a girl all alone

for the death of Mary Ann was written in stone.

Locked in a box, she could not get out,

No one could hear Mary Ann’s desperate shout.

The face of the dark would be the last she would see

for once in the box she would never be free.

She would never be free, and she would never be found

for there would be 30 feet of water from the sky to the ground.

The very breath of her lungs he would now just take,

not even feeling as she sank in the lake.

The box dropped down and the man was there

to see Mary Ann’s last breath of air.

He laughed for he knew he was nothing but trouble,

All her blue tint sorrows trapped in one last bubble.