Clear Waters

Only the real being who loved you from the start, who loves you now, who will always love you. Single person vacation. No having to share.

What about the intentions of Christ- what about His wants- His will? In Philippians, Paul brags about Timothy’s ability to live for the intentions of Christ. Why don’t we all do that in our simple pursuit to give all of ourselves to Him? My vacation is relaxing and filled with adventure. My struggles and uncertainties encompass my relaxation because if I didn’t have struggles to throw up to the Lord, I couldn’t testify for the Glory that is only fitting for my Father.

I’m not “waiting” for the man who I’ll marry, I’m walking out the most eternal romance right now. The man who walks unassumingly and with powerful gentleness. My husband will cause me to fall in love again, no need to mend my heart or put me back together, my second love will be fierce because it will cause my love with Jesus to burst into flames and light the path we are walking on.

I am so in love, so enamored with Jesus. He really loves me. And He wanted to show me this in the most existentially convincing way. And one day I’ll get to share that with another human who will compassionately push me to love God in an even more depth and zeal. But for now, I already have the love of my entire existence… my God. How’s that for giving my heart and soul a vacation.


To My Love

I hope you know how loved you are by Jesus. I wonder what your heart postures like, I wonder what your voice sounds like. I wonder what color your eyes are. I hope they’re blue, so I can get lost in them like the great sea except I’ll love you deeper than any ocean on this Earth.

Downtown Farm

I’m driving the same streets, stopping at the same lights, passing the same houses, and avoiding the same people. The sky brings back memories of the anxious feelings I had around this time of last year and the last and the last. How happy I am to know this isn’t my whole life.

How happy I am to have stayed by the Lord’s side and OBEYED especially when I didn’t have to. I’m harvesting His work everyday. He is the farmer who loves and cares for each of His crops and I am His worker coming to the field everyday- rain or shine. Sometimes it seems the storm has destroyed so much that nothing can be salvaged but come to the end of the work HE PREVAILS! My Lord is a slow and careful farmer. Kind and humble yet so successful and beautiful.