Russia’s Son

Why must you be so cold to me? Your beautiful light flakes fall on me and tickle me, but if I stay too long you freeze me. Don’t you love me? My pardon, but I do not have shoes or warm clothes to play in. You want me to stay long but you do not keep me warm.

The fun you bring is overbearing, more than any little boy could hope for. How is it that you bring me such joy but cause me such pain? Without father or mother you are my only friend out here in the streets. I love to throw your soft-crisp flakes but you do not make the ground pleasant to sleep on. You do not make many things pleasant to be on. Why must you cause me such pain?

It’s been a week and you make it hard for me to eat, I have no energy to play with you. I’m sorry. Why don’t you love me? Don’t you want me to play with you?

I now think of summer. It is too hard to love you anymore. You used to bring me such joy. I pardoned my thoughts of loving mothers and providing fathers because I had you but you show me darkness and the clenching bite of the frost. I don’t understand why something as pretty as you can be so deceiving. I do not have shoes or warm clothes to play in. You want me to stay long so I will stay, with you. I can’t feel my feet or my hands but I dream of holding a blanket and walking with my father to the toy shop. Where has my light gone? I hear soft violins in my ears as your harsh wind wisps me away. Take me far winter.

I no longer feel pain. But I see my old self lying in the corner by the bakery, I used to play with you there. But now I shall stay forever in the arms of winter.